What could've been done with global military spending?
Decide what percentage to cut from the $1,676 billion global military spending
$0B of $134B available
$134B left

Pick the projects you want to fund with the money
Climate change mitigation in developing countries
Eliminate extreme poverty & hunger
Safe water & sanitation
Universal education for low & lower-middle-income countries
Social protection for low-income countries
Universal health coverage for low-income countries
Resettle 3 million Syrian refugees for the next 5 years
Humanitarian assistance to over 87 million people
Fight the Zika virus (first 6 months of 2016)
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More: How did we get those figures?
How did we get those figures?
The projects are based on the latest information published by international organizations and reports. The details are as follow:
Climate change mitigation: Annual aid pledged by high-income developed countries to fund green technology in developing countries to deal with the consequences of climate change. [Source]
Eliminate extreme poverty & hunger: To eliminate extreme poverty and hunger sustainably by 2030, which is the first and second goals of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. [Source]
Safe water & sanitation: To provide safe on-plot water supply and sanitation to every household, which is the 6.1 and 6.2 targets under the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. [Source]
Universal education: Financing gap for universal pre-primary, primary and secondary education in low and lower middle income countries between 2015 and 2030. [Source]
Social protection: Annual budget to provide social protection programs to bring the poorest people closer to a decent standard of living in all low-income countries. [Source]
Universal health coverage: To provide basic health package in low-income countries. [Source]
Resettle 3 million Syrian refugees: The budget to resettle 20,000 Syrian refugees in the UK for the next five years is $850 million. The amount would be $127.5 billion to resettle the 3 million Syrian refugees outside of Syria. [Source]
Humanitarian assistance: This is the amount appealed by the UN in 2016 to provide life-saving aid to over 87.6 million people across 37 countries mainly Syria, Iraq, South Sudan and Yemen. [Source]
Fight the Zika virus: The World Health Organization sought the amount for the first 6 months of 2016 to combat the Zika virus. The fund would be used to fast-track vaccines, carry out diagnostics and research, and virus control. [Source]