How much time do you spend doing paid work per week?
Paid work is paid employment in corporations, quasi-corporations, nonprofit institutions and government. It also includes self-employment and providing all kinds of services for income.
How much time do you spend doing unpaid work per week?
Unpaid work includes housework, caring for children, older people and family members who are sick, voluntary community work or work in political or societal organizations that are unpaid.

You spend result 01 per day than the average woman at unpaid work and result 03 at paid work.

Compared to the average man, you spend result 02 per day at unpaid work and result 04 at paid work.

The first chart compares your working time with the average man and woman. Negative bar means you spend less time while positive bar means you spend more time. Red bar represents time spent on unpaid work and blue is for paid work. The second chart compares the distribution of your working time.

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chart 01
chart 02